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Kitchens are the heart of the home. Unfortunately, they are often one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. That being said, a budget friendly kitchen renovation is possible. This year HanStone Canada had the pleasure of partnering with Toronto based lifestyle blogger Steph Sterjovski Jolly for her kitchen makeover and countertop refresh project. Instead of doing a complete kitchen overhaul, Steph worked with her existing kitchen layout and cabinets. While her cabinets were already painted white, this is an easy design tip if you want to freshen up your space- paint existing cabinets in a lighter hue. Steph’s kitchen makeover proves that you don’t have to do a complete kitchen overhaul to make a statement. Sometimes all you need to do is swap out your kitchen countertops and backsplash.

I love that I can support Canadian, their showroom is gorgeous (we felt like we were in an art gallery), everyone who works there is so kind and helpful, the quality is impeccable, and they have options for everyone's style!

Steph Sterjovski Jolly

Colour Featured: Montauk

Q&A With Steph

Steph answers some questions about her kitchen renovation and why she chose HanStone Quartz.

Tell us a little bit about why you decided to do a countertop refresh in your kitchen.

Funny story! Well, not so funny. We had a leak from outside of our condo get into our kitchen area which meant we had to rip out some of our cabinets, lift the existing countertop against the wall and do repairs. I was never in love with the countertops we originally had, so this gave me the perfect excuse and time to update ours

Describe your design style

My design style is pretty clean and minimal, but still warm! I love adding warmth, whether it's in the wooden bar stools or little cozy, textured accents around our place.

Why did you decide to switch from granite countertops to quartz countertops?

We live in an 800 sq ft. condo and wanted to really enlarge the look of our kitchen! Quartz is so sleek, easy to take care of and I absolutely love the colour for making our kitchen look even bigger.

What made you select HanStone Montauk?

When we came into the showroom, we initially had thought we were going to go with Tranquility, but after seeing Montauk up close in person, my husband suggested it and I fell in love! It fits the vibe of our condo perfectly because it has little warm tones in the details that work with the rest of our decor. It's subtle, but still makes a statement!

Make sure you check out Steph's blog for some dreamy design inspiration and follow her on instagram @stephsterjovski

Kitchen countertop and backsplash installation done by Latitude Countertops

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