Describe your design style

At MB interiors, I'm always striving for that perfect contrast of modern and traditional. I think the mix of the two creates a new kind of classic design that can easily look modern and fresh but will stand the test of time. I always find a way to tie my inspiration back to French design, and I do my best to bring their kind of chic and effortless style, with a twist, into to my clients homes.

I've been a residential designer for my whole career and love working with spaces where people live. It's a really intimate insight into how we are all so different, yet so much the same. I'm kind of obsessed with interiors! When I'm not designing for clients, I end up checking out new furniture stores, or re-styling my shelves at home while watching the latest design shows. Even trips are all based around visiting the most beautiful buildings and sitting in cool cafes and restaurants to admire them.  

Colours Featured: Yorkville & Angora

Tell us a little bit about the project

This project was a new build, so we had complete design control and could really mould the home to meet every function and design dream for the client, all of which were focused around a beautiful kitchen. It was a very unique situation because this house belongs to my mom!  It's not every project where I have the lifelong insight into how the homeowners use the space, and what they need to make it completely unique to their needs. We went through every step I take with any other client. From gathering inspiration, 3D modelling the whole home, to specifying every finish and fixture, and managing all of the construction details along the way. Some of the very first finishes we selected were the countertops! It took two years to design and build the house, and it turned into a full on family project with my husband designing the exterior, my uncles installing flooring and mouldings, and me managing all of the interior design.

Why did you decide to go with quartz?

Quartz was the best choice for this kitchen because of its durability. This house is meant to last through decades of holiday baking, family gatherings, craft projects on the island, and lots of impromptu entertaining. We chose Yorkville for the island to make it a special feature with its marble like detailing, and used an ogee edge to add another layer of interest. The the surrounding countertops are done in Angora as a timeless choice, and to let the island stand out as the feature.

Angora (Perimeter)

Yorkville (Island)

HanStone quartz has my favourite options to get the look of classic white carrara marbles! I'm always reaching for the samples when I start a design project, plus I'm proud that such a great product is made right here in Canada.

Megan Baker

Any tips when designing a space/things to consider while renovating?

So many! Something I just talked about with a client earlier is that I always aim to include multiple types of hardware in a kitchen. Rather than going with every single pull in the same style and size, it's a good idea to choose something like a long handle pull for the appliances, a classic cup or buin pull for the drawers, and a pretty knob for cabinet doors. Just make sure they all coordinate with each other in overall look! Whether its a new build or reno, modern or traditional, this is a great way to add a layer of character and a more custom designed feel to the finished space.  

What are some design trends you are loving right now?

I currently can't stop designing ledges in all of my kitchens and bathrooms! I'm loving it as a trend, but it actually shows up in very old homes from the 1910's and 20's as well, so this is just the modern iteration of the idea. Quartz countertops also look great when they are continued up the wall as a backsplash option. I especially love when the backsplash stops at a reachable height, and is topped with another small piece of the same material to form a 3''-4'' ledge. It looks so good with some small art leaning on it, and a salt and pepper shaker ready to grab while you cook.

About the Designer

Megan is the principal designer at Megan Baker Interiors, a full service interior design studio located in Vancouver, B.C. Make sure you follow her on instagram for some dreamy design inspiration @meganbakerinteriors

Photography: Janis Nicolay

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