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Since its inception in 1971, Hyundai Department Store Group has expanded its businesses into a wide range of companies, products, and services that include quartz countertops, retail stores (department stores, outlets, duty-free shops), online stores, building materials manufacturing, fashion, food, furniture, travel, TV, and construction equipment.

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Under the umbrella of the Hyundai Department Store Group of companies, Hyundai L&C specializes in design, manufacturing, and global distribution of various building materials such as HanStone Quartz countertops, Hanex Solid Surfaces, windows & doors, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, and decorative film. Hyundai L&C proudly manufactures its core products in Canada, United States, and South Korea. In North America, its regional offices and distribution centers span across Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Columbus, and Los Angeles—in addition to the company’s Europe and Asia operations in Germany, India, and China.

In Canada, Hyundai L&C proudly manufactures HanStone Quartz surfaces in London, Ontario—creating jobs and contributing to the local economy by locally sourcing various raw materials, parts, equipment, and services. Our customers are the stone professionals, contractors, renovators, home builders, kitchen & bath stores, millwork companies, architects & designers, and ultimately the homeowner. Based on the trade professionals' designs and the homeowners' selections, HanStone Quartz slabs are shipped from our London manufacturing facility, and delivered to thousands of independent stone professionals across North America. The quartz slabs are then fabricated and installed into beautiful quartz countertops or other uses in both residential and commercial applications.

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