Exceeding the expectations of designers from coast to coast, HanStone Quartz offers the most comprehensive and contemporary collection of quartz surfaces in Canada.

HanStone manufactures a beautiful range of colours and patterns inspired by the diverse Canadian landscape. Choose from over 50 different selections – including brilliant whites and the earthiest patterns.

HanStone’s colours are divided into four collections including:

The Glacier Collection  – Inspired by the untouched Canadian glaciers, this fine collection presents a selection of pristine quartz surfaces that connect in their beauty to the icy bergs that dot our northern seas.

The Shoreline Collection – When it comes to diversity, the shorelines of Canada have it all. From powdery sands to fine pebbles, to jagged rock and rugged coastlines, every grain and nuance of texture is represented at the division of land and water. HanStone’s Shoreline Collection brings this same multiplicity to a grouping of quartz surfaces that evoke the language of the Canadian shore.

The Urban Collection – Sleek and sophisticated, this modern collection offers trendsetting choices; classic blacks, creamy solids with edgy undertones piqued by interpretive imagery inspired by a holistic conception of Canada’s unique cityscapes.

Whichever colour and pattern you choose, you can be certain that if it’s HanStone Quartz – it’s an outstanding choice.

Check out all of our collections online at HanStone.ca